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Our Team


A2DIT is managed by professionals having global experience in Human Resource domain, Talent Management ,Technology and other industry verticals. A2DIT has an exceptional Team of dynamic and passionate recruiters with working experience and extensive knowledge in various domains of the industry.We at A2DIT follow strategically defined process developed over the years along with cutting edge technology to provide highly efficient service and exceptional talent management. Our team of niche recruiters keep updating their knowledge in terms of sourcing stratergies,technology and innovations in recruitment field. A2DIT ensures all of its team members encompass in depth industry knowledge else they will be trained by our in-house mates.Our Consultants are proactive in resolving issues on time,henceforth resulting in swift turnaround time and less attrition rate. Our team's are headed by subject matter experts with relevant domain knowledge and experience ,guide us by providing valuable inputs in recruitment consulting and operations consulting.

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